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Slimming World…Week #6

Hey Guys :):)

I am bloody behind again…oops!!

Anyhoo weigh-in this week was nerve racking as usual, actually more then usual to be honest but only because I’ve had 3 weeks of not so good weigh-in’s…yes i know i didn’t gained as i stayed the same one week and lost 1.5lb each week for the 2 following weeks but to me that want good enough!! I had to actually sit and go over my journal to see why my losses wasn’t bigger and that’s when i realised hang on a minute…your losses aren’t going to be big when your IBS is playing up, is it?!? Anyhoo i was told about some herbal tablets called Ortis fruit cubes so i ran to Boots and got some, took them over 4 days and…BANG they work!! Lol

Like i said weigh day came and i soooooo nervous but all for nothing as when i stepped on those scales the beautiful weigh lady Sue told me i had lost…

I was well chuffed but even more chuffed when i received the following…not 1 but 2 awards because i also got Slimmer of the week too!! YAY!! :):)

Right guys now i will share some this weeks meals with you all so here goes…

These are just some of the foods i have enjoyed…absolutely yum!! :):)

Right guys that’s all i have to share right now so thank you for stopping by and reading my waffle, i really appreciate it and i will see you next week with Week #7 weigh-in results!! :):)

Big squishes


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