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Slimming World…Week #5

Hey guys :):)

Well i am late again with this post as i was hoping to be posting it on Thursday but i just simply run out of time because i was really busy with one thing or other but heyhoo i am here now!!

So this week i knew i wasn’t going to lose much if at all because my IBS has been playing up and i have nowt but felt bloated for sometime now so much its making me miserable and wanting to constantly eat & eat & eat. :(:( Anyhoo i jumped on the scales in group and gobsmacked that i lost…

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Again!! Although i was happy…deep down i was not as i am 1/2lb off my 1 stone award!! I know gutting or what but heyhoo it will soon be mine!! Plus on my last journey on this plan i was loosing nice amounts each week but this time i am not….i know you’re not meant to compare journeys but i cant help it. Why do I torture myself? Why do i put soooo much pressure on myself knowing that’s a dangerous thing to do because i will end up comforting eating and then gaining!! I am a bloody numpty who needs to give her head a bang and realise not every journey is the same!!

I can give everyone else some great advice but never listen to myself but i need too…i really do and i also need to learn to be patient too. I suppose i will get there in the end!!

Well enough of the moaning and onto to some pictures of this weeks meals or should i say last weeks…

These are just some of the foods i have enjoyed…absolutely yum!! :):)

Right guys that’s all i have to share right now so thank you for stopping by and reading my waffle, i really appreciate it and i will see you next week with Week #6 weigh-in results!! :):)

Big squishes



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