Slimming World · Weigh-in Results

Slimming World…Week #4

Hey guys :):)

I am here today to share this weeks weigh-in results with you all so here goes…

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Now although this is a good results because its a loss but to me it wasn’t good enough as i wanted more and i think i deserved it after 2 very good weeks so i was a tad miffed!! I know i should be happy and i am but just not over the moon…i know its not a race and i am just being plain greedy but when you have been great and get these results, you would be miffed too!!  Anyhoo I spoke to some friends and to see where i could’ve gone wrong but couldn’t find anything major, except maybe not eaten enough speed food, drunk enough water or had enough syns like the first 2 weeks so my plan is to up these and hope for the best for next so fingers crossed for me eh!!

Hey i do have some good news thou and that is….my sister has now joined slimming world so now i have extra support and i can support her on her journey. There is a small group of us who have swapped numbers and now have a whats app support group going on which is helping us all because its instant support, fab or what!! :):)

Right i will share some of last weeks food pictures with you…

Right guys that’s all i have to share right now so thank you for stopping by and reading my waffle, i really appreciate it and i will see you next week with Week #5 weigh-in results!! :):)

Big squishes


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