Sticker haul

Planner sticker haul…

Hey guys :):)

I thought i would do a post about some stickers i bought a couple of weeks a go from one of the girls in a facebook group i belong to. Her name is Karen and owns an Etsy shop called The Plump Planner, anyhoo the lovely Karen was selling some Plump Ploopsies stickers so i jumped at the chance to buy a pack because i have heard a lot about Karen’s stickers with peeps saying the are amazing quality and worth every penny.

Hey i wasn’t disappointed and agree with peeps because this pack of stickers are absolutely stunning and contained a lot and i mean a lot…nothing had any missing or damaged in any way!!

Processed with MOLDIV

I am not a girly girl but i am gonna use them…how could i not when they are gorgeous and who knows i may become a little girly every now and again!! Mmmm we’ll see!! Lol

Right guys that’s all i have to share today so thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read 😉

Big squishes


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