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Slimming World…Week #3

Hey guys :):)

I am really sorry i didn’t come back Wednesday or Thursday to update you on my week #3 of my Slimming World journey and that’s because i was feeling a tad sorry for myself as i stayed the same or should i say i maintained my weightloss

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but this really upset me as i knew i had done nothing wrong :(:( I weighed & measured everything i was meant to, i checked syn’s before eating on the SW app that i have on my phone, the only thing i could think of was that i maybe didn’t have enough speed food…oh i don’t know!!

I came home from group and balled my eyes out and ate a small dish of sw sausage pasta bake but that was good enough and ended up sabotaging myself with a takeaway :(:( so i ended up going to bed before i did anymore damage because i could’ve done so easily!! Anyhoo I got up the next day luckily feeling better & positive so my week so far has been good but i come back later on in the week with a post about that.

Here’s a small selection of pictures of some of my fave meals this week…

I would’ve had more pictures to share but i deleted them by accident but if you would like to see what meals i eat, then please come and find me on Instagram, you will find me under thisismylittlejourney.

Right guys i think that i have for new, i hope you like what you have seen so thank you for stopping by and reading my waffle which i really appreciate by the way :):)

Big squishes


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