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Ugly Bug Plan Haul…

Hey guys :):)

How are we all today?!? Well i hope!!

I am here today to share a Ugly Bug Plans haul i got a couple of weeks back but haven’t got around to sharing with you all yet, naughty i know!! hehe

Anyhoo Michelle’s husband had made a leather travelers notebook out of scraps of leather…i know some will think “what the hell!!” but not me, nope i saw the beauty in this TN and knew i had to have it!!

A girl within the Ugly Bug Plans group called it the Frankendori because yes it does look like Frankenstein skin :):) 20170205_130855000_iOS.jpg

This TN holds a special place in my heart thou for the fact is its like us…we aren’t all beautiful on the outside but its whats inside that counts!! Me thou thinks this planner is gorgeous and i am using it as my Art journal or at least to hold my art journals. Oh i nearly forgot look at those cute little extras Michelle sent me…Michelle those stickers are cutest, thank you!! :):)

Now onto Ugly Bug Plans February’s mystery kit called Dare to dream and this is what it contains…

You got stickers made by Hazy Days, a charm and stickers made by Michelle herself and then you got a pen, washi & some gorgeous stamps too…this kit is absolutely gorgeous and i love, love, love it!! :):)

Its worth every penny and the products are amazing quality too…there is another kit & add on that has been released and due to dispatched very soon and its called Come Fly with me and you can get it here in Ugly Bug Plans Etsy store and this is where you will find all of Michelle’s products :):)

Right guys that’s all i have to share right now so thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read 😉

Big Squishes


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