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My bujo week#7…13-19 feb

Hey guys :):)

I am here to share this coming weeks bujo pages with you all and again i am trying another layout as i was not keen on last weeks so here is a picture of my bujo pages before the main writing goes in…20170212_132357000_iOS.jpg

I am loving this kit and thought it would be just perfect for this coming week so i am glad i have some leftovers for another week my bujo!! hehe Yet again this is from one of my fave shops called Ugly Bug Plans but unfortunately they no longer sell it :(:( but they do have lots of other gorgeous kits in stock thou :):)

Hey and i know you like a bargain so here’s one for ya and if you put my name ‘Gemma’ in the comments box as you make your order you get a little freebie!! YAY!! :):)20170212_210639000_ios

So you can go buy a new leather travelers notebook, stickers, bug balls…to be honest, anything within the shop and get a mahoosive 20% off using the code. :):)

Here is some links…

Right guys that’s all i have to share right now so thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read 😉

Big Squishes



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