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My Slimming World journey so far…Week #1 & #2

Warning: Long post so go grab a coffee & a biscuit or a hifi bar if your slimming like me!!

Hey guys :):)

I thought I would give you a little update on my healthy living journey so far. The last time I had posted about my journey I told you I was doing Slimming World from home and in my 1st week I lost -4lb which I was well chuffed with, anyhoo I was given the opportunity to go back to a Slimming World group. YAY!! So I rang my old consultant who welcomed me with open arms as did my fellow sw buddies :):)

Off I went and joined Slimming World on the 25.1.2017 weighing 22 stone 9lb which meant I lost another 1lb within a day or so. YAY!! My consultant is called Lisa who holds group on a Wednesday at Bricknell Methodist Church and i attend her 7.30pm group…its an awesome group :):)

Anyhoo i came away all positive & raring to go with my Slimming World members pack, some hifi bars and a journal…had to get one of those!! What planner girl wouldn’t, right!! Lol I will share it in a different post at a later date.

Anyhoo I loved my 1st week and felt a lot better for eating lots of yummy healthy foods which was companied with lots of fruit & veg :):) so here’s some pictures of my meals in the 1st week…

and because off all the yumminess i have eaten, this happened…


Well chuffed! YAY!!!

Now onto the 2nd week of doing Slimming World and another fab week of yumminess and again here is some pictures of my meals…

You never go hungry on this plan and because of this yumminess, this happened…

YAY!! I lost -4lb which has brought my weightloss to -10.5lb in 2 weeks of me going back to group but 15.5lb if you include the week of doing it on my own. As i have lost 10.5lb at group it meant i went and bagged myself a 1/2 stone award!! Buzzing!!! Do you know what…I love this plan and its why i went back to Slimming World because Love, love, love it!!

I am really sorry this post really long and i promise it wont be long as this on my next update post of my Slimming World so guys that’s it for now so thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read, i really appreciate it!! 😉

Big squishes


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