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Week #3…Weigh-in Results

Hey guys :):)

I am here today to share Monday’s Weigh-in results but first I have a little confession to make so here goes…this numpty has only gone and recorded her weigh-ins wrong, I don’t know how but I did!! So embarrassing!!

Anyhoo before I share with you my corrected weigh-ins, I thought I would give you a little insight to what’s being going on. I think I shared in a previous post that I was starting the Slimming World plan again but this time from home and on me own, well sort of but I am fortunate enough to have kept in contact with one of the ladies from the group and we will be messaging each other every day with our food diaries. We will be sharing the good, the bad and the ugly and I aren’t joking either and when we are having bad days, we will pick each other up!!

This week has been a tad hard but then again your first week always is regardless of any plan and how many times you’ve been on it. Once I got my head back around things I was fine and on my way. I have posted a pictures of everything I have eaten on my ‘thisismylittlejourney’ Instagram account and if there isn’t a picture of food there is still a posted stating what I have eaten and syn value etc.

Here is some of the meals I have had this week…

I’ve had some gorgeous meals with lots of fruit & veg this week, nothing fancy but still nice thou. I do have a thing for raw spinach and use this instead of using lettuce in my salads, its yum!!

Right now onto the corrected weigh-in results…


so as you can see there’s my start weight but on the 9.1.2017 where I thought I stayed the same, well apparently not I actually lost 1lb. The following week I did gain 4lb so that was right but I put the wrong weight so corrected that and then that brings us on to todays weigh-in, well as you can see I have…

Lost…-4lb YAY!!!

so that makes it a total overall loss of 1lb…I know its only smudging but I now know its going in the right direction so that’s all that matters to me!! I know Slimming World works as I lost 5 half stone before now but after such a crappy year last year I put nearly all of it on but heyhoo, I know will get there in the end.

Right guys I think that’s all I have to share for now so thanks for stopping by and taking time to read 😉

Big squishes


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