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Week #4…23-29th

Hey guys 🙂
I am here today to share week #4 in my uglydori bujo which covers 23rd to the 29th, as you can see i have used the same format as last week because I am loving it so far!! This week I have used a sticker set I was fortunate to have won from Uglybugplans a few months back…isn’t it bloody awesome!! hehe

 Unfortunately I don’t know the name of this set and I can’t find it in Michelle’s Etsy shop either so it may have been discontinued, sorry guys!!

I have handdrawn my pages and written in the days with a calligraphy fountain pen, I then used a little stencil of Michelle’s to create the little number flags and squares for my lists…oh if you look closely you will also see a little uglybug or 2 on my pages as well!! Lol

Product list…

I may have linked you to the shops and not the products as they may not have them in stock but they may have alternatives for you to buy.

Right guys I think that’s all I have to share for now so thanks for stopping by and taking time to read 😉

Big squishes


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