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My healthy living journal

Hey guys

I am here today to share my healthy living journal that i created to put in A5 Uglydori, now this is what it will look like every week. The first page is a “sort of” welcome page with the name of my Instagram account for my journey with a little “mantra” i tell myself everyday or at least try too. The next page is my monthly stats & goals page on one side and this is where i will put my monthly measurements & weight and i then on the other i have a weightloss tracker so record the lbs lost so for every lb lost i will colour in a square. It then comes on to my food diary…in each section i will record daily my food intake, water intake, fruit & veg intake, Kcals or Syns, steps and finally my exercise. At the end of the week i have a section where i will do my weekly stats so i will record my weight, lost or gained, total loss and then mini goals for the upcoming week. So far this set up is working for me so i will be sticking with for now but if it changes i will share!!

I thought i would share a little about my journey and how it is going so far so i started this journey on the 2nd January 2017 weighing 22 stone 11lb and doing calorie counting which is sort of new to me but i thought i would give it ago.

My first week

My first was a real struggle not only because it was my first week but unfortunately star week arrived so i had to juggle of me feeling low and wanting to stuff my face with crap, anyhoo a couple of times i did but i did count the calories and i was only over my calories once, i even shared it on my Instagram account for all to see. Anyhoo my first weigh-in resulted in me staying the same, i wasn’t impressed but took it on the chin with what i had to contend with.

My second week

My second week i went in all guns blazing determined to get this weight off and still battling the fact its star week but i was determined to beat it, then smack!! I lost it…not sure why but it had a knock affect on my anxiety so my week from then on was crap! It didn’t help the fact i got locked out of my thisismylittlejourney insta account as well so i couldn’t ask for help. Anyhoo this resulted in me gaining 4lb…i was bloody devastated!!

I then had to get my thinking cap on and come up with some changes so came to decision to change my eating plan and go back to what i know and that is Slimming World!! YAY!! but this will be done at home on my own as money is an issue and what money i do have will go on good healthy food. This started straight after i got weighed but that is all i am gonna say for now but I will come back and discuss at a later date of how it has been and the results.

Well guys thats all for now, i hope you liked what you have read and i hope you will pop by again very soon!!

hugs & xxx


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