My A5 Uglydori bujo

Warning!!! Picture heavy post!!

Hey guys!!

I am here today to share my bujo with you that i have in my A5 Uglydori travelers notebook from UglyBugPlans who is run by a fantastic lady called Michelle  and its her husband who makes these awesome leather planners. Anyhoo I approached them before Christmas with a little drawing of design that I wanted and  I will tell you a something, this shop was so helpful and willing to do me this A5 with an outside pocket that it was made just in time for me to receive on Christmas day from Lee & my boys so thank you Michelle & Trevor for fantastic service & such a stunning product.

As I knew I was getting my TN for Christmas I knew I needed some notebooks so I ordered some Rhodia dot grid notebooks from Start Bay Notebooks and OMG these are the bomb…they’re sooo smooth to touch, beautiful to write on and very little ghosting so that makes me happy so much so I will continue to use this brand for my bujo. Also thank you Start Bay Notebooks for great service and products because you got them out to me just in time for Christmas too.

Righto enough of the waffle because yeah I do half waffle on at times hehe so here is a picture of my gorgeous Uglydori in all its glory…


Isn’t the colour gorgeous and the smell, oh omg the smell…is bloody awesome!! Yes I sniff my Ugydori!! Lol OMG I sound like a bloody weirdo, don’t I?!?! haha so lets get on with showing you my bujo so here’s my bujo, oh can I just say this is my first ever proper bujo…

What do you think??

I feel quite happy about it and loving it so far but I think I want to try different weekly layouts to find out what I like best but I think I am team horizontal!! Yay!! Who knows thou as it may change!! Lol I will share pictures of my weekly layouts at some point so keep an eye out for those. :):)

Right guys I think I have waffled on enough so i am gonna say bye for now but I will be back soon to share with you my health journal that I have made to help me on my healthy living journey but that’s all I am gonna say for now. hehe


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